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The Which Witch game parts list is below.

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The Game Parts:

The Complete Part Inventory List
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A - Chimney/Stairway Wall with
newel post still attached
K - Broom Room wall /
on the other side is the Bat's Ballroom wall
B - "Bucket"L - Broom Axle w/tiny tab at the end
C - DieM - Broom
D - Wall PieceN - Wanda the Wicked Cards (5)
E - Floor Piece and RockerO - Ghoulish Gerty Cards (19)
F - StaircaseP - Glenda the Good Cards (8)
G - Steel "Whammy" BallQ - Edge Clips
that hold the walls to the game board (4)
H - BaffleR - Mice and Kids
I - Staircase LandingS - Spell Cell wall /
on the other side is the Witchin' Kitchen wall
J - Chimney CapPart list by www.WhichWitchParts.com
Assembly InstructionsInternal yellow cardboard compartment dividers
Game boardClick here to open a new window
to print just this list.

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