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Fangs a lot for visiting, the home of Retro Halloween decorations, based in West Pittston PA, USA, and in business since October 2007. Here you'll find new reissues for sale of vintage classic old-time die-cuts still made by the original manufacturers today, looking as new and spOOktacular as the originals did in the old days. So sit back, browse around, reminisce, and "enjoy, if you dare!"

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  • Darren in California said, "I wanted to drop you a line and tell you that I am very pleased with the retroween decorations. They brought me back to my childhood. I am looking forward to purchasing the whole line from you in the near future."
  • Joe in Chicago said, "I just wanted to say that the Halloween decorations arrived in a timely manner and look great. Thanks for helping me bring back some of the best memories of my childhood."
  • James & Tami in North Carolina said, "These are so cool and bring back so many memories! Thank you!"
  • James in California said, "Very fast delivery and professional packing. Thanks!"
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3 1920's-Style Die-Cuts. Each is approximately 8 inches tall and has a black string for easy hanging. $3.99 $2.00
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10 decorations, each measuring at about 7 inches tall. This die-cut set is suitable for use as a garland, and will add the perfect vintage touch to any Halloween gathering. Our Vintage Halloween Cardboard Cutouts come in a sturdy, attractive folder that will keep your decorations safe for reuse. Click the picture to see them all. $11.75 $2.00
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8 decorations, each measuring at about 9 inches tall. 1940's reissues. Printed on both sides. Includes the infamous Top Hat Cat with monocle. Click the picture to see them all. TOP SELLER!!! $6.24 $2.75
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Four 9" wide die-cuts. Printed on both sides. 1950's design. $6.24 $2.75

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This set is huge! The black cat is 22 inches tall. The pumpkin is 14 inches wide. Includes the ever-popular decoration of the smiling black cat sitting on the nose of a smiling quarter-moon. All printed on both sides. 2ND MOST POPULAR SELLER! $4.25 $7.99

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Life Size Skeleton. Here he (or she?) is, the classic 55" jointed posable cardboard Halloween skeleton, just dying to hang around at your house.

Will arrive in mint-in-package condition. Marked © 1989 The Beistle Co. Also a great for use as a visual aid for teaching Physiology. A year 'round favorite!
$9.99 $3.50
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Charming 4-piece 1950's style die-cut set. Printed on both sides, 17" tall.

Your house will look keen with a Halloween scene from Retroween!
$6.99 $4.75

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Four of the most adorable Jack O Lantern pumpkins you'll ever meet! Each is 11 1/2 inches wide and printed on both sides so you get smiles coming AND going. $6.99 $2.50
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Jack-O-Lantern, 3 Peel 'n Place reusable decal clings. 11" x 17". A design originally from 1930. Delight your friends and fiends today! $5.75 $3.99

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Package contains 4 Zombie Eyes that are 14" tall. Each is printed on both sides in a different florescent color than the front. One side of each is coated with Nite-Glo. Rescued old-store inventory. Marked © 1993 The Beistle Co. A year 'round favorite! $9.99 $2.50

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20 inch wide poseable Scratch Cat!!! A reproduction from the 1930's. $7.25 $2.50

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Orange/Black Honeycomb Tissue Party Ball. 12 inches wide. Very ghoul. $4.25 $2.50

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Old Witch Stickers. 2 sheets, each sheet is 8 inches high by 4 inches wide. Stick 'em here, stick 'em there, stick 'em on Halloween party invitations, and party cups to help guests keep track of their drinks. $2.50 .50

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Jack-O-Lantern Stickers. Size: 4" x 3-1/4". Stick 'em here, stick 'em there, stick 'em on Halloween party invitations and party cups to help guests keep track of their drinks. $2.50 .50

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The 26" Flying Dracula from 1986. Rescued rare old-store inventory. Honeycomb bat wings fold out from under his arms. Awesome for hanging over doorways or anywhere. Printed both sides. Marked © 1986 The Beistle Co. $12.99 $3.50

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29" jointed Santa door greeter. Will arrive to you in his original retro packaging in mint condition. $6.99 $3.50

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Santa, Sleigh, & Reindeer. This is an exclusive, limited quantity, out of print item from 1978. Printed on both sides. 10"-15". In original sealed packaging. This display will delight and amaze relatives and friends from near and far, because it's BIG! and really nice. $8.49 $3.50 Sold Out

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Package of 4 Christmas cutouts, 16". Includes Rudolf and the classic smiling gentle Santa, who looks similar to the classic Coca Cola Santa. $6.99 $3.50

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Christmas Decorama. A charming classic set. Contains 10 items total, including a honeycomb tissue Christmas tree that's 11 inches tall. $6.99 $3.00
Interesting items not available from us but on eBay right now...
Kit Cat Retro Black Cat Clock Varies Varies Click here to open a new window to eBay
Halloween Blow Molds made by Union Products, Empire, TPI, or General Foam. 60's glowing orange Halloween lamps. Varies Varies Click here to open a new window to eBay
Gigantic Frankenstein model, Big Frankie from the 50's. 19 inches tall! Being reissued by the company Moebius using the original molds from Aurora. Varies Varies Click here to open a new window displaying eBay's search results
Bubble lights retro 50's ornaments for Christmas trees. Now's the time to bid on them, before prices go sky-high again next Christmas. Varies Varies Click here to open a new window to eBay
Aluminum trees, Sputnik ornaments, Evergleam, PECO, color wheels, etc. Now's the time to bid on them, before prices go sky-high again next Fall. Varies Varies Click here to open a new window to eBay
International Postage or Express Delivery. Inquire first, then add this item to your order if instructed.   $4.99
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What a great way to bring back the feeling of holidays past! The decoration designs here were popular holiday-decor in the U.S. in the 1950's, 60's, and 70's, and we're bringing them back to delight a new generation. They're family-friendly and fun. They feature bold colors factory-lithographed on die-cut cutouts of high-quality cardstock. Ideal for schools and classrooms! Classic Beistle Luhrs cardboard Halloween cut outs and more. Old style, antique style, vintage style, vintage design, retro style, old fashioned holiday window decorations. Rare. Some rescued old-store inventory. Made in the U.S.A. Continue the tradition. Collect 'em all! Scrapbook scrapbooking stickers too. Tell your friends!!
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