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A tribute to the 1986 game from Milton-Bradley.

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The box measures about 19" x 26" x 3 1/2". It weighs 2 - 3 pounds.

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Game Description: A plastic tiki idol stands in the raised middle of the 3D game board, where it can rotate freely. Players move their explorer pawns up the sides of the mountain along jungle paths and through caves, trying to reach the top of the mountain, retreive the giant ruby, and take it down the other side to a boat. However, both the idol and volcanic vents periodically spit out red "fireball" marbles, which roll down the mountain and knock down explorers and bridges. For ages 7 and up. For 2-4 players.

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The Inventory List of Parts
A - Large Plastic Game BoardB - 4 Explorer Pawns: Purple, Gold, Red, Blue
C - Idol (3 pieces)D - Red Jewel
E - "H" BridgeF - "H" Bridge Base (K)
G - "A" BridgeH - "A" Bridge Base (V)
I - 4 Black Plastic 6-sided TokensJ - 5 Fireballs (red glass marble 5/8")
K - DieL - Booklet of Rules & Instructions
L - 48 Cards ~ this part list is provided free from FireballIsland.com / DarwinsGameCloset.com
3 Move any Opponent Back 1 Space 3 Move any Opponent Back 2 Spaces
3 Move any Opponent Back 3 Spaces3 Move Ahead 4 Spaces instead of Rolling Die
3 Move Ahead 5 Spaces instead of Rolling Die3 Move Ahead 6 Spaces instead of Rolling Die
2 Fake Jewel4 Magic Talisman Stops a Fireball
4 Fireball4 Take 1 Card from any Opponent
4 Cancel any Card except Fireball Card4 Reroll the Die
4 Take another Turn after Your Turn4 Double the Next Die Roll

My Fireball Island Game modification ideas, you ask?

  • Attempt to balance your man on a different step, then everyone repeats it in chanting voices. (Figure that one out if you can!)
  • Add a card (just one) with a very daring stunt so you could say Never been done before! Maybe something that involves actual fire.
  • Add an Earthquake! card that lets the bearer shake the table.
  • Add a card "Baby Snake Bite!", or "Old Book Attack!"
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